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Pigment Powder Textile

Saya Group

Pigment Powder Textile

SAYA is the world's leading supplier of Pigment Powder for textile. We have by far the broadest product range on the market, covering almost all fibers and quality specifications. We are offering wide range of Pigment. These are one of the most demanding products of our organization, owing to its finest quality, safe usage and high effectiveness. This Pigment is water base that is suitable for various medium such as different kinds of fiber for dyeing and printing applications.


1. Standard formulation
2. Accurate pH value
3. Longer-shelf life
4. Good Coloristic properties

Green 7 Pigment Powder
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Kg.

Violet 23 Pigment Powder
Min. Order:5 Kg.

Yellow 12 Pigment Powder
Min. Order: 5 Kg.

Blue 15 Pigment Powder
Min. Order: 10 Kg.

Yellow 74 Pigment Powder
Min. Order: 10 Kg.

Red 112 Pigment Powder
Min. Order:10 Kg.

Orange 5 Pigment Powder
Min. Order: 10 Kg.

Orange 13 Pigment Powder
Min. Order: 10 Kg.s