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Pigment Powder Plastic

Saya Group

Pigment Powder Paper

We manufacture several different kinds of quality, water based and Pigment for Plastics. It is an extremely versatile product in that it can color many different surfaces very well including some synthetic materials, which look like leather, but are neither vinyl or leather. It can also be used to color hard plastics, if required, but is a little soft and is more suitable for flexible plastics.


  • Can be used on a far greater range of surfaces than other water based products.
  • Reduces the number of processes required to coat the substrate
  • Health and safety issues not a concern

Green 7 Pigment Powder
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Kg.

Violet 23 Pigment Powder
Min. Order:5 Kg.

Yellow 12 Pigment Powder
Min. Order: 5 Kg.

Blue 15 Pigment Powder
Min. Order: 10 Kg.

Yellow 74 Pigment Powder
Min. Order: 10 Kg.

Red 112 Pigment Powder
Min. Order:10 Kg.

Orange 5 Pigment Powder
Min. Order: 10 Kg.

Orange 13 Pigment Powder
Min. Order: 10 Kg.s