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Pigment Powder Soap & Detergent

Saya Group

Pigment Powder Soap & Detergent

SAYA, the largest Pigment Powder supplier in the Domestic and International Market. SAYA has been prominent in the Pigment Powder market for over 30 years, supplying to paints, plastics, inks, textile and cosmetics manufacturers worldwide.

All Pigments are carefully designed and controlled to meet exact standards for mesh, pH, strength and shade on a wet - weight bases, Retained samples are kept for shelf life of product from the time of shipment.

The Pigment Powder that we offer is highly demanded in the market due to best quality and non toxic nature. We provide our Pigment Powder in a wide range which includes Blue Pigment Powder, Green Pigment Powder, Orange Pigment Powder, Red Pigment Powder, Violet Pigment Powder and Yellow Pigment Powder. Our Pigment Powders are made as per the approved standards and are environmental friendly.

The combination of leading products, local stock, and tailored customer service and support makes SAYA one of the fastest growing entities in the pigment industry worldwide.


  • Unique formulation
  • Fabricated using top quality chemicals
  • Complies with strict industrial quality standards
  • Competitive prices

Green 7 Pigment Powder
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Kg.

Violet 23 Pigment Powder
Min. Order:5 Kg.

Yellow 12 Pigment Powder
Min. Order: 5 Kg.

Blue 15 Pigment Powder
Min. Order: 10 Kg.

Yellow 74 Pigment Powder
Min. Order: 10 Kg.

Red 112 Pigment Powder
Min. Order:10 Kg.

Orange 5 Pigment Powder
Min. Order: 10 Kg.

Orange 13 Pigment Powder
Min. Order: 10 Kg.s