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Three Companies fall under the larger hood of SAYA Group.


FRIENDS & CO is the pigment manufacturing and exporting arm of the SAYA Group. We produce world class "pigments" in the categories of Pigment Emulsion and Dispersion Pigment. SAYA produces and exports the pigments in Domestic and International markets. Our premium quality organic pigments are being used in the industries relating to Detergent, Rubber, Plastic, Paint & Distemper, Ink Textile, PU Foam and Paper.


SAYA DYE CHEM is the national leader in field of "INDUSTRIAL FRAGRANCES". Our fragrances are used in Toiletry Soap, Detergent Industry, Incense Sticks, Cosmetics and Paints Industries. This arm was founded on the pillars of practical solutions of the problems encountered by our customers. Our strength lies in our commitment of services & quality.


The wing that looks after the Import and Export of Industrial Chemicals for fulfilling the needs of Domestic and International customers.

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